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Honoring the traditions and knowledge of our Ancestors, People of the Confluence works primarily in Indigenous communities to rebuild the connection between our Youth and our Elders to teach youth how to be good human beings, to walk softly on Mother Earth and to be the most effective protectors the Water, Air, Earth and Spirit.

The Confluence

Indigenous peoples across Mother Earth regard the Confluence, (two rivers coming together), as sacred. A sacred relationship between the people and the waters. A convergence or combination of forces, people or things. A relationship formed in a change of energy, a collision of journeys, now as One.

Our Youth, Future Stewards of the Land

Today’s Indigenous youth suffer from a confluence of daily challenges and risks, often rooted in the same traumas as their Ancestors before them. The extended effects of colonialism and increased pressures from an occupied culture that repeatedly denies our relevance has broken our relationships with the Land, Water, Air and Spirit and our Relationships with each other.

Healing The Land, Land Healing The Self

Our people cannot entrust any outside system or government to heal our tribal nations from the genocide that we have just survived. It must come from us. We must wake up to this reality that willfully exploits our traditions and ways as commonplace. This reality that abducts our sisters as prisoners of war. This reality that is in the midst of an undeclared war upon Mother Earth. We must wake up and realize that our People survived and now is the time to act.

A Sense Of Culture And A Sense Of Place

Native youth represent the future of Native communities, and their health and well-being reflect the health and well-being of a community overall. Through our commitments to our youth in providing a sense of place and identity in the community, we as relatives ensure we have knowledgeable, capable, Indigenous minded future leaders and stewards of the Land.


The Confluence: Relationships formed in a change of energy, a collision of journeys, now as One.

People of the Confluence seeks to uphold the traditional values o unity reciprocity, generosity, and mentoring by bringing tribal communities and different generations together in good ways to focus on the health and wellness of the native community through its programs and events.

Reconstructing Bridges: Pathways to Unification

The future of our youth is the conduit for bringing our Peoples together once again in the spirit of the sustainability of our ways of life and the future of Mother Earth. We are Indigenous driven, culturally responsive Warriors for Unity. By engaging in inter-tribal partnerships and Indigenous youth exchange programs (collaborative learning) between Coast Salish and Oglala Lakota of White Horse Creek and other Indigenous peoples throughout Turtle Island, we work to reconstruct bridges for traditional sharing of knowledge. Through these relationships we strive to revitalize, strengthen and preserve the traditional Relationships with tribal nations throughout Turtle Island including barter & trade routes and the sharing of historical knowledge needs to be revitalized.


Strong, Healthy Indigenous Minded communities focused on Unity, Sustainability of our Lifeways and the Stewardship & Sustainability of Mother Earth.

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